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Gamer Of The Week #42

Earn points on The Hub scoreboard by participating in auto-games within the Lobby itself and hosted events- you will be bopped out of the room after winning an event to claim your point in The Hub lobby. The top 3 users who have achieved the highest score on The Hub's scoreboard will win the Gamer of The Week competition. GOTW Points are now automatically rewarded upon winning.

Single Player Auto Gaming
While you can definitely play the automated game generator by yourself, the games located at the Arcade Machines have been optimized for single-player gamers, choose from Step on It, Pacman, Zombie Slayer, Guitar Hero, or the Squid Games: Glass Bridge if you're brave enough. Upon winning, users are re-directed to The Hub lobby, where they are rewarded and their points from any game played are tracked.

Multiplayer Auto Gaming
If you'd like to play with, or against friends and other community members, you may join the the Automated Game Generator queue. Simply flick the lever at FRANK's desk, and you will be put on a team and placed (and frozen) on the game controller. When the timer has run its course, all users queued in will be brought to the same automatic game to compete with one another. The randomizer will select one of our currently 8 randomized multiplayer games, including Melting Carpets, Squid Games: Red Light Green Light, Snake Maze, Banzai Frenzy, Colour Switch, Lever Flicker, Log Surfer, Dodge Ball, The Floor is Lava and Seat Hopper! Upon winning, users are re-directed to The Hub lobby, where they are rewarded and their points from any game played are tracked.


Distractions and Diversions
Play mini-games in the BoBBa Carnival, or beat the typing test... maybe head off to BoBBa Farms and complete some achievements there? Every 1 point earned in a Distraction and Diversion is automatically sent to The Hub scoreboard, and counts towards your Gamer of The Week final score!

  • You may not exploit any bugs you may have found, Wired can be finicky and sometimes things occur. If you are caught taking advantage of a glitch in an automatic game, rather than reporting it to a member of staff, you will be banned from using the auto-games system and may face other consequences depending on the severity of the situation, such as an account wipe.
  • Only points accumulated on The Hub's scoreboard will count towards the competition, if for some reason you weren't rewarded a point due to a bug, please note that we cannot fix this problem, however, please report it to us so we can make sure it doesn't happen again in the future.

First Place
Gold Trophy, 25,000 credits, 500 Diamonds, 25,000 Duckies, and an exclusive GOTW badge.

Second Place
Silver Trophy, 15,000 credits,  250 Diamonds, 15,000 Duckies, and an exclusive GOTW badge.

Third Place
Bronze Trophy, 7,500 credits,  100 Diamonds, 7,500 Duckies, and an exclusive GOTW badge.


First Place

Second Place

Third Place



Well done on the scores this week! The GOTW deadline for next week will be Sunday, June 2nd @ 9:30 am EST
See you then! 

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