Official Holiday Guide

Your official guide to the holiday season on myBoBBa!


City sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style... and in the air there's a feeling of Christmas.... :) The holidays have arrived on myBoBBa, and boy do we have a jam-packed schedule for you to enjoy! This Holiday season, immerse yourself in Bobba City, complete Christmas tasks, or dabble your toes in the various events andcompetitions going on.... you could be earning exclusive rare items only obtainable through the Holiday event!



Beginning December 1st visit the Holiday Cafe, and answer a brand new Christmas trivia question for your chance to earn various rewards, such as Diamonds, classic Christmas rare items, badges, and other currencies! The system is fully automatic and will ask you a different question every single day.. there are 25 rewards you could be collecting! Answering questions correctly will additionally earn you 5 respect points every day!

Beginning on December 13th, the Holiday edition of Spot the Difference goes live! Can you spot the 12 differences between the two sceneries? If you think you can, give it a shot! Who knows... there might be a 15 Diamonds and a Santa and Elf rare in it for you :')


Beginning on December 1st, and costing the user 100 credits per attempt, the Jack Frost Jackpot is a ranzomied Wired lottery, each week hosting a grand prize of 25 Snow Patches, 150 Diamonds and 25,000 Duckies! The Jackpot can only be won by one user, once per week. Once the Jackpot has been claimed for the week it will become inaccessible and you will see a message upon entering the room. The Jack Frost Jackpot resets on Monday's at 9AM EST every week until Jan 3rd.



Beginining on December 1st, a Holiday Classic returns for another year! Play rounds of Prezzie Hunter throughout the month of December and you could be winning 1 Diamond and 100 Duckies per win... oh- but there's more! The users with the TOP 3 scores on Jan 3rd, 2023 will receive Gold, Silver and Bronze classic trophies, as well as 200, 100 and 50 Diamond bonus for their efforts! On top of these rewards, the top three scoring users will win exclusive badges exclaiming their victory over all others who tried!



Join the myBoBBa team (at a date to be determined) for a Christmas Block party! Mix and mingle with the most elite of Bobba City in this Holiday celebration for everyone. There will be Christmas music, events, and periodic giveaways through the event... plese stay tuned for an official announcement.



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