Trax Competition

A classic, beloved feature of Habbo is back! Put together your sickest beat for this new competition!

Did you know myBoBBa recently added Trax? That's right- you could be mixing the sickest
beats from the glory days of Habbo Hotel right now, but instead, you're here, reading my article...

I suppose you're in luck though- this is a Trax competition after all. Much like the original competition
on Habbo when Trax first launched, you are tasked with putting together the dopest mixtape you can create
using the newly added Trax machines and interface. The BoBBa City Nightclub is looking for a talented DJ to help
it's partons dance the night away, and your dope mixes could just get you there!

Once the competition ends, all of the mixed cd's will be played in the BoBBa City Nightclub, where users can go at anytime to listen to, and vote for their favourite song.






The user whos mix gets the most votes will be rewarded with free Silver VIP for 6 months, as well as 200 Diamonds to spend in the VIP Catalog, and 50,000 duckies to help you reach your goal toward the newest NFT drop. 






1) You must create, or use one of your rooms to host the Trax machine (which you can purchase
from the catalog). You do not need to buy any sounds, as the Trax interface will already have them.

2) You can only create 1 beat and must have it automatically playing in a loop in the room (You
can do this by adding your song to the Playlist and then pressing the 'Play' button).

3) You must burn a copy of your mix to a CD, and leave it sitting on top of the machine for a
staff member to come around and collect.

4) You must give your mix a unique name that you feel best describes the beat you created.

5) Your beat can be as long and as unique as you are- just remember you are trying to impress the
talent scouts at the BoBBa City Nightclub- you might just become their new DJ afterall!

6) Moderators are regular players and are permitted to enter this competition.

7) Name your room Trax Competition and make sure you include both the Trax player and 
the burnt copy of the mix that is playing on your trax player. Please place the physical CD on 
top of the Trax player for a staff member to come around and collect.


Your room, named Trax Competition must be named, contain both the Trax player playing your 
mix on a loop and a burnt copy of your mix stacked on top of the Trax player by Jan 1st, 2023.



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