Updates from BoBBa City!

The construction hasn't stopped, and new city features have been implemented.

BoBBa City has been undergoing a lot of work during the cold bitter month of December- our build team has been hard at working piecing together the city, in hopes that we reach our goal of the full RP launch in the summer of 2023. While the city is not officially complete (nor do I think it ever will be, its an ongoing project), users can experience what it has to offer and enjoy the breathtaking scenery created by our amazing team.

  For those who do not follow our Discord updates, you've been missing out on some cool things... from facelifts, to fast cars and city busses, the expansion of the city hints at what's to come, and shows off what you can already enjoy while the city is still being constructed... did you know you might even be able to buy a house and own property within the city soon?!? The newest economic commodity! I mean... we're even going to be starting a Mayoral campaign in Janurary for city Mayor! How exciting is that? While we continue to grow, the city is now at a phase where its useable and we can begin to establish it as a staple of the myBoBBa community.

Building Updates
- Shorebroke Circle is now Centreville, and has undergone a major facelift as part of the core of the city;
- Perra Pool Club now on the shores of BoBBa City -  west of the SS Bobba I just behind The Hub building;
- Lido Valley builds have been complete, including interiors for the houses, Mr. Lube and 7-11;
- We now have a total of 13 houses which will go up for sale in the New Year;
- Parliament Hill is now complete, the Government Building interior is our next priority for mayoral elections in Jan.

Content Updates
- Cancelling Santa, a temporary Christmas Task is now live at the event space beside The Hub's building;
- Prison Task 'Shanking the Snitch' and 'Bribing The Guard' have been fixed;
- You can now earn the Horticulture Achievement by watering the crops at the BoBBa Farms;
- You can now buy a car at Mr. Lube in Lido Valley and drive it in BoBBa City;
- You can now take the city bus from one end of the island to the other for only 1 duckie;

Visit the BoBBa Farms to begin watering crops, and earning yourself points towards completing the Horticulture Achievement! Simply double click on the water pump to fill your watering can, then walk on the crop to water it. Play alone, or with friends- the field will automatically reset itself every minute. Feeling competitive? The Farm also features a scoreboard, showing off who's watered the most crops and helped feed the most mouths in BoBBa city... so goodluck!

  While driving is in it's BETA phase, all vehicles only cost 5,000 duckies. You can only own one vehicle at a time, and if you buy a new vehicle you will not retain the ownership of the old one and must buy it if you'd like to use it again. There are currently 14 different vehicles you can choose from and the :drive command will only work in appropriate city rooms. If you are done driving your vehicle, simply say :walk to return to pedestrian mode.






For those of us who rely on Public transport, the Bobba City Transportation Society offers a public bus, spanding from one end of the island to the other for only 1 ducket per trip. Simply step on the red ! at the bus to enter. The fee will automatically be deducated from your wallet.




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