OOTW # 4

Put together a one-of-a-kind beach outfit for this weeks competition!


It's Wednesday... and you know what that means! Outfit of The Week continues, moving forward we will be announcing winners on a weekly cycle, rather than bi-weekly. Submissions will close on the Tuesday at 9PM EST and the winners will be announced every Wednesday morning. Do you think you have what it takes to put together the hottest outfit and end up on top? Read more below!

I would like to congratulate user Nat_xo on winning Outfit of The Week #3! 

Let's move away from the Wintery themes, shall we? I think it's fair to see we've all been freezing our buttox off the the past month, and it's time for a little R & R in the sun.

Do you have what it takes to put together a one of a kind beach outfit, and win the top spot in this weeks Outfit of The Week competition? 

You must submit a screenshot of your outfit in the approrpiate thread on the Submissions channel on our Discord no later than Jan 3rd, 2023 at 9PM EST. Screenshots submitted after this deadline will be deleted and not count towards this weeks competition. Winners will be announced on Wednesday morning.


You can submit a screenshot of our costume submission by visiting the #submissions channel on our official Discord server. If you are already a member of our Discord, simply click on the Submission image above to be directly linked to the thread... please ensure you do not make your submission past the deadline set above.

- You may only submit one entry per week, further entries will consider both submissions invalid;
- You MUST use the clothing from our hotel;
- You MUST not have won the past OOTW competitions in a row;
- Moderators are regular players and are permitted to enter;
- Bonus points for getting creative with the background scenery of your screenshot.



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