Create your ultimate Holiday getaway!


Do you have what it takes to beat the competition and come out on top for Room of The Week #3?!? Room of The Week happens every two weeks (subject to change on the demand of the competition), at the end of each period a brand new theme and competition will be announced. Your job? Create a one of a kind masterpiece that follows the weeks theme and submit it on our Discord channel before the deadline. Room of The Week is a great way to show off your talents as a designer and earn rewards you can use within the economy to get ahead of everybody else!



Many of us across the globe have been suffering from cold, snowy weathers... with all these Christmas ROTW themes, it's no wonder we're all feeling the chill. This week your task is to create a Summer Getaway. Use inspiration from your favourite things to do during the Summer and put it together in one beautiful creation to submit for the competiton! Let's get away from the cold this week and soak up the sun instead!


Given the fact that we are in a trial phase for Room of The Week, we will only be rewarding one person per competition for the time being.. if we feel that participaton in ROTW is up, then we reserve the right to change to program to the top 3 designs

First Place
1 Golden Cup, 100 Diamonds, 15,000 Duckies and an exclusive ROTW badge.

Second Place
1 Silver Cup, 50 Diamonds, 10,000 Duckies and an exclusive ROTW badge.

Third Place
1 Bronze Cup, 25 Diamonds, 5,000 Duckies and an exclusive ROTW badge.

1) You may not use a room you have built previous to the competition being announced;
2) You may build a room with friends, but only the room owner will be rewarded the prize;
3) All entries MUST be submitted on the Submissions channel on our Discord before the deadline;
4) All submissions MUST fit the theme announced for the weeks competition;
5) Moderators are regular players and are permitted to enter weekly competitions;



Room of The Week #4 must be submitted in the appropriate Discord submissions channel by no later than Jan 3rd, 2023 at 9PM EST. Entries submitted after this time will be deleted from the thread and not counted towards the competition.





We would like to thank all of the users who entered Room of The Week #3! While everyones submissions were beautiful. there can only be one winner unfortately... we would like to extend our congratulations to user Kasja on winning the previous weeks competition! You can view her creation by clicking on the thumbnail below!

To submit your Room of The Week entry, simply join our Discord. Navigate your way to the Submissions channel under the BOBBA INFOBOARDS. From there, you may click on the button for the appropriate competition you are entering and submit a screenshot of your entry there. Alternatively, you may click on the 'submissions' banner above to be linked directly to the submission channel.



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