Casino of The Month #1

Calling all casino builders!


Happy New Years, fellow Bobbas! It's 2023 and we're starting off with a brand new competition which is *drumrolls* Casino of The Month, where players will be given a theme and they must build a casino that fits the theme that's given each month. Do you think you have what it takes on building the most luxurious casino for Bobbas to see? Then, this is the right competition for you!



To start things off (with a bang, since it's new years!), we're going back to the old days, so your theme for this month is..... Classic

  • You MAY only submit one entry per month, further entries will consider both submissions invalid.
  • You MAY build a room with friends, but only the room owner will be rewarded the prize.
  • You MUST not use any existing casino design or you'll be disqualified.
  • All entries MUST be submitted on the Submissions channel on our Discord before the deadline.
  • All submissions MUST fit the theme announced for the competition.


The winners will receive the following prizes based on their place:

  • 1st Place: Infobus, 250 diamonds, 10,000 duckets, 5,000 credits + COTM Gold Badge
  • 2nd Place: Holo-Boy, 100 diamonds, 7,500 duckets, 2,500 credits + COTM Silver Badge
  • 3rd Place: Aloe Vera, 50 diamonds, 5,000 duckets, 1,000 credits + COTM Bronze Badge

You have until January 31st, 2023 at 9PM EST to submit your room. Any submission after this deadline will be deleted and not count towards this month's competition. You can submit your submission by clicking here.






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