Introduction to Home Buying!

You can now buy, sell, or trade homes in BoBBa City!


As I'm sure some of you have heard, we have been working tirelessly to offer  a new, and integral feature of our BoBBa City roleplaying experience... While the number of houses currently available in the city is very limited, we are proud to announce that Home Ownership in BoBBa city is now a reality! You could own one of the many houses throughout the various districts of the city... and what's more? Homes are sellable too!


  * Please bare with us, as we have a limited number of builders who are working tirelessly to make houses available for purchase... at the moment we currently have houses that are unclaimed and available to buy. Users who do not own a home are considered residents of The Hub Hotel.





Upon entering the interior of a home in BoBBa City, you will be notified if the room is on sale, as well as how much the home costs. The official currency of BoBBa City is Duckies, meaning your house, along with other expenses within the city (such as vehicles) cost duckies.


Buying & Selling Property
- To buy a house that's on the market, simply execute the commands :buyroom and :buyroom confirm
- To sell a house that is not currently on the market, simply use the command :sellroom insertduckieamounthere
- If you've changed your mind and no longer wish to sell, simple execute :sellroom command

Home Ownership
Because the houses are technically property of the Roleplay, they come pre-built, furnished, and you are restricted with the things you can do inside your house. This is done to avoid homes being destroyed, deleted or otherwise trashed, ruining the overall image of the city. The Room Restriction plugin will physically restrict you from preforming these actions. Should there be any glitches or errors in your home, please contact Puffin, only he has the ability to correct the mistake.

- You can't pick up furniture;
- You can't drop furniture;
- You can't rotate furniture;
- You can change the furniture's state;
- You can't execute building commands;
- You can't edit the floorplan;
- You can sell your house at any time for any amount, making Home Ownership the newest commodity in our hotels Economy;
- You maintain full ownership of the House, and it will appear under the My World tab of the Navigator;
- You can control the doorbell, and enter the doorbelled room without accessing your house through the city;
- Users can come and visit your house at any time by entering through the district the house is located in.



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