The Great Referral

Inviting your friends pays off big time!



The Great Referral returns, and this time around the prizes are better than ever! 
From January 13th - February 18th, use the referral link on the home page to invite your friends!


Word of mouth is what helps our community grow, and you should be rewarded for all of your help!
- You must use your personal referral link located on the homepage after logging in;
- You can't use clone accounts and refer yourself- we will be watching;
- We will monitor some online activity of referee's to verify eligability of referal;
- Don't advertise on other Retro hotels under any circumstance;
- Current VIP Subscribers Gold+ who may win the competition will be given store credit equivelant to the VIP prize.

The top 3 users who have referred the most users will win one of three different packages for their efforts
in heping our community grow and flourish. The VIP Package is courtesy of user Nat_xo, and the Donor Shop 
Credit is courtesy of the Hotel.

First Place: Gold VIP Package and $5 Donor Shop Credit, x2 Weekly Rare
Second Place: $10 Donor Shop Credit, 200 Diamonds, x1 Weekly Rare
Third Place: $5 Donor Shop Credit, 150 Diamonds, x1 Weekly Rare



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