Creator of The Week #2

Another week, another creator featured and rewarded!



Do you love building things but don't think you get the recognition you deserve? Introucing our new Weekly Competition - Creator of The Week, an open themed and open-ended competition where users can submit any one of their creations in the hotel. Submissions can range anything from a Casino, a house, an auto-game, mazes, or even event rooms... the freedom is yours so do with it what you will. Get as creative as you'd like and submit your work of art for a chance to be rewarded and featured!




First Place
1 Golden Cup, 15,000 Credits, 100 Diamonds, 15,000 Duckies and an exclusive COTW badge.

Second Place
1 Silver Cup, 10,000 Credits, 50 Diamonds, 10,000 Duckies and an exclusive COTW badge.

Third Place
1 Bronze Cup, 5,000 Credits, 25 Diamonds, 5,000 Duckies and an exclusive COTW badge.




1) You may not use a room you have built previous to the competition being announced;
2) You may build a room with friends, but only the room owner will be rewarded the prize;
3) Your room MUST have [COTW2] at the beginning of the room title, brackets and all;
4) All submissions MUST have been created on this ( hotel.
5) Moderators are regular players and are permitted to enter weekly competitions.


Creator of must be submitted by including [COTW2] at the start of the room name, this includes the brackets and all. Rooms who's title does not begin with [COTW2] will not be considered for this weeks competition. All entries must be titled by Feburary 26th, 2023 at 8AM EST.



Congratulations user sarx on winning Creator of The Week #1
You can view sarx's full-sized submission by clicking on the thumbnail below.



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