Show off your creative side in our weekly competition!



Do you love building things but don't think you get the recognition you deserve? Introucing our new Weekly Competition - Creator of The Week, an open themed and open-ended competition where users can submit any one of their creations in the hotel. Submissions can range anything from a Casino, a house, an auto-game, mazes, or even event rooms... the freedom is yours so do with it what you will. Get as creative as you'd like and submit your work of art for a chance to be rewarded and featured!




First Place
1 Golden Cup, 15,000 Credits, 100 Diamonds, 15,000 Duckies and an exclusive COTW badge.

Second Place
1 Silver Cup, 10,000 Credits, 50 Diamonds, 10,000 Duckies and an exclusive COTW badge.

Third Place
1 Bronze Cup, 5,000 Credits, 25 Diamonds, 5,000 Duckies and an exclusive COTW badge.




1) You may not use a room you have built previous to the competition being announced;
2) You may build a room with friends, but only the room owner will be rewarded the prize;
3) Your room MUST have [COTW7] at the beginning of the room title, brackets and all;
4) All submissions MUST have been created on this ( hotel.
5) Moderators are regular players and are permitted to enter weekly competitions.
6) Unfinished rooms will be deemed ineligable for the competition.


Creator of must be submitted by including [COTW7] at the start of the room name, this includes the brackets and all. Rooms who's title does not begin with [COTW7] will not be considered for this weeks competition. All entries must be titled by June 24th at 8AM EST.



Congratulations user souls on winning COTW6! Your prizes have been sent directly to your account- please reach out to Puffin to claim your badge.



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