Discord Comp!

Ends on Sept 18th!



The official Discord posting competition runs from April 8th - May 1st, 2023, the winners will be announced the following day. By simply being an active, contributing member of our Discord server, you can earn yourself exclusive donor shop, and currency packages on myBoBBa.org.
How does something like this work, you might wonder?
- 1 point for every line counted on the ┃count-to-9999 channel;
- 1 point for every chat made line in not considered spam in ┃general;
- 1 points for every command executed in the ┃commands channel;
- 2 points for every legitimate bug reported properly in ┃bug-reports;
- 5 points for suggestions which actually improve the hotel in ┃suggestions.
All posts from users will be tallied after September 18th, and the winners will be announced and rewarded for their efforts the following day.

Well, what about the prizes?
 1st: Discord Nitro + Custom Rare + 1000 GOTW points + Discord Badge
 2nd- Discord Basic + Custom Rare + 500 GOTW Points + Discord Badge
 3rd Nitro Basic + Custom Rare + 250 GOTW Points + Discord Badge


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